Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Peaches II

My abundance of little peaches continues, but last night I had time to do something more complex (but still very simple) with them than what I did in my previous post. I started with 3 cups of oatmeal, a cup of flour, half cup of white sugar, and half a cup of brown sugar, plus a pinch of salt. I added about half a cup of canola oil, and with a fork blended it until it was uniform.

Then I barely covered the bottom of a 9 by 13 pan with the mixture and set one cup of it aside. Next I added about two quarts of cut up and mangled little peaches to the remaining mix, stirred it to coat them with the mixture, and added the whole gooey mess to the pan. The remaining one cup of mixture then was spread over the top and the whole thing went into the oven for an hour and a half at 355 degrees. The result is shown below. It is very good, so good that it does not need ice cream.

The most time-consuming part was separating the peaches from the pits, but I had help with that. They were not skinned because these little peaches will not separate from their skins. I guess it needs a name. How about "peach oatmeal crisp?"


Sarah said...

We finished up the apple crisp long before we made it home. Very satisfying! You ought to put your "gluten-free" recipe up. Thanks again!

Dessert Survivor said...

Sarah needed "gluten-free" apple crisp because she was trying to identify a possible allergy. I was told by the other poster here that I only had one recipe, and that I should stop posting it, so I have not talked about apple crisp even though I have make it every week. (Desert survivor is right--I really do only have one recipe and I use it over and over.) The gluten-free version takes out the flour. And for Sarah I only put in brown sugar, no white sugar. And no cinnamon because we wanted to keep to as few ingredients as possible. So the crisp part was oatmeal, brown sugar, a pinch of salt, and canola oil. The apple part was apples. It was sweet and good.