Monday, August 25, 2008


I have a peach tree that grew from a pit, and while it usually produces many peaches that are very tasty, I keep wondering if I should cut it down. In fact, once I did cut it down, but it grew back and I rewarded it for its determination to stay alive by not cutting it down again.

Why cut down a productive peach tree? The peaches are small, the size of plums, they have a tough skin that cracks as they grow, and the cracks encourage rot. In some years almost the whole crop will rot on the tree. Plus they are clingstone, so they do not separate well from the pit, making them hard to process. As the picture should indicate, they are visually unappealing, so I cannot even give them away.
This year the rot has not been bad so far, and it looks like it might be the most productive year ever for this tree. I have dozens of these peaches sitting on the table, and I am wondering what I can do with them. My answer for tonight was to cut them into pieces.
And then serve them with ice cream. What a simple but tasty recipe I have discovered!
Now if I can figure out what to do with the grapes. Last year the birds ate most of them. This year the birds have not found them. Yet.


I Am Woody said...

Dang girl! I thought you lived in the desert!! Didn't really think about fruit being able to survive there.

Dessert Survivor said...

You (the incredible woody) are confusing desert survivor with dessert survivor, who does not live in the desert.