Friday, August 15, 2008

Wild Black Cherries

We are getting close to time when many fruit trees will be ready to harvest. This year my apple trees are taking the year off, but I should get some peaches. While I wait, I have been looking at some other trees. The local park has some crab apple trees. It is easy to make apple sauce from them, but it does not taste as good as regular apple sauce.
When I was jogging the other week, I noticed some wild black cherries. These are tiny compared to domesticated cherries, and the trees get much, much bigger. I searched the internet for dessert recipes, and I could not find much. What I did find was that the cherry trees could be dangerous for livestock.
I improvised, and though the results were edible, they were not good enough so that you would want to repeat what I did. Maybe next year I will figure out something that will taste delicious using these tiny cherries.

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