Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dessert in the zoo

On Wednesday night I was on the road again to Indianapolis with a bunch of college students for a networking event. Some of our junior and senior students met and mingled alumni, getting a chance to practice their social skills and to hear what life can be like after graduation. I am not sure why they wanted me to go along, but for some reason they do. Maybe they just enjoy seeing how ridiculous I look in a suit and a tie.
This year the event was held on the grounds of the Indianapolis zoo, in the White River Gardens. We were in the Hulman Riverhouse and it had a spectacular view of downtown Indianapolis.
I do not think I was supposed to go there, but there is a large conservatory just off to the side of the hallway, and I stepped in to take a picture, shown below.
The reception had a lot of hors d'oeuvres, including a plate with a lot of different cheeses. I tried the all, even the ones that had green lines in them.
Unfortunately, they did not have either cookies or cake. The only thing that could function as dessert was a tray of cantaloupe, watermelon, pineapple, and grapes, which were very good and certainly a lot healthier than cookies or cake.

After a couple hours of socializing, it was back on the bus or into the cars to return home. So we left the still-lighted hall to return to our homework and class preparation. And to find some good cookies.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

CDC cake

Tuesday evening we attended the annual dinner for CDC, an organization that provides services for children and adults with mentally or physically disabilities. They have been active for 55 years! And since they had cake, I thought I should take a picture or two and post them.

One cake was chocolate and one was not. There were a lot of people there, and almost all the cake was gone when we left.
This year the dinner was held in Monticello. CDC provides important services for the communities in which it operates and appreciates any support they get.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Wedding cakes

The reason I was staying in a motel and eating Chinese food was to attend a wedding. I attended a rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding, and it featured an ice cream cake. I almost did not get a picture of it because it was eaten so quickly.
For the wedding itself I made sure I got a picture of the cake before anyone started eating it. I never did get back to show you want was inside. There were two kinds of cake, and the kind I had--I think it was chocolate--was very good.
Best wishes to M & M.

Motel cookies

I recently stayed several nights in a motel that not only provided breakfast in the morning, but also set out cookies at night. (I almost wrote that they provided a free breakfast, but caught myself. The cost of staying there included the breakfast and the cookies--there really was nothing free.)
Anyway, the cookies not only looked very good, but were very good. This young gentleman totally agreed. (Maybe we should call him "dessert boy.")

Chinese dessert

Yesterday I went to a Chinese buffet, and got to sample their "Chinese" desserts. I doubt it they were really Chinese--I do not think that dessert is a traditional part of Chinese meals. What they had looked pretty good. I was less impressed with the taste.
Of course they had fortune cookies. None of the fortunes, though, were as intriguing as the advertisement on the table for Coke: "Refresh your thirst." Doesn't refresh mean renew, revive, or restore? Does the ad mean that you can take some water to quench your thirst, then drink some Coke to renew it, so you can drink some more water?
Inquiring minds want to know.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Picnicking with the Education Club

The Education Club at Saint Joseph's College had a picnic on the first Sunday in October, and I was invited. The day was sunny and warm (for October), and the kids were having a great time catching (or in some cases, trying to catch) minnows. (They were using kitchen utensils as fish nets. I hope they get washed well before they go back on the kitchen shelves.)
Who really cares if you catch anything as long as you can get soaking wet?
The students enjoyed the food and the conversation.
This little boy enjoyed his bottle. He also later got very wet when he went down to the lake. (According to Desert Survivor, his diaper should have weighed about 2.5 pounds.)
And here another little kid tries to finish his potato chips while I torment him and he tries to capture a lady bug.
The picnic had a lot of food, and a tremendous amount of dessert. The delicious brownies alone would have been plenty.
However, the picnic also had a huge box of cookies. After just three I was overloaded on sugar and had to stop. So many cookies, so little space in the stomach. Sometimes life is not fair.