Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Volleyball Cake

The volleyball team had a faculty-appreciation night Tuesday and not only invited faculty members to the game but also gave them pizza and cake.

The animal on the cake that is on top of the volleyball is supposed to be a puma, our mascot. I am surprised that most people had taken white cake before I took the picture. Maybe they started on the right and did not realize that there was a chocolate side to the cake. Naturally, I sampled the chocolate side. It was very good.

Shouldn't every team on campus have a faculty appreciation night, complete with cake and/or cookies?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cookies at the Library

As part of its programs to entertain and inform the people of the area, last night my local library had a musical performance. A professor from the local college played a variety of tunes on an electronic keyboard with a range of electronic enhancements. (Desert Survivor does not have a local library--she only has a bookmobile that comes by every few weeks. She should write about that sometime in her desertsurvivor blog.) Although the music was fun and free, there were only about 30 people in attendance. To make the evening extra special, there were cookies and refreshments at the end. I think most of the cookies were homemade, but I am not sure. The kinds I tested were very good. I did not try the pink stuff below, but it looked good.
I will have to pay attention for more library programs that feature cookies.

Monday, September 1, 2008

My Forrest Gump Day

I took a really long run this morning, the first in over a year and a half. Last year I had a bad knee and could not run during the summer. This year I have gradually run more, but before today, my longest run was only eight miles.

I took my camera, but did not see anything interesting to shoot. However, I do like taking a picture of the junction signs at the point furthest out. (I live at approximately 580W and 520S.)
I checked my route on, which is one of several sites that lets you plot running routes, and it came to 15.7 miles. My watch said it took about 157 minutes, so I managed to average ten-minute miles. I ran faster than that the first eight miles, but much slower the last four. My muscles are not too sore, and more important, neither are the joints. However, I have not had energy to do much today.

Now I need to go now and eat some delicious peach oatmeal crisp to get my strength back.