Friday, May 8, 2009

A Special Birthday Cake

Once in a while I get inspired to greatness. Like for my son's birthday. He loves "choo-choos," and I figured out a way to make a fairly simple "choo-choo" cake using mini-loaf pans, oreos, m&ms, and some food coloring and frosting.
I was happy with the results--but I knew the big test lay ahead.

Success! Yum.


Sarah said...

Very cool! What would you make for a joint 1st birthday and congrats on your Master's degree party cake?

Anonymous said...

Zats an awesome cake(s). I'd be making tracks to consume it, assuming that my mom didn't derail my effort.


g said...

wonderful cake, Momma, Did Desert Boy eat any of it?

Anonymous said...

Eat any of it, he ate the whole thing!


WORD VERIFICATION "table" as in he put the table into his stomach!