Sunday, July 27, 2008

Blackberries (the kind you eat)

Last week I discovered a patch of blackberries about a mile from my house. (There are many benefits to jogging and riding a bike.) Blackberries are brambles as are raspberries, but when you pick them, raspberries are hollow and blackberries are not.

With a new source of fruit, I felt compelled to alter my raspberry-rhubarb crisp recipe for blackberries. I even had enough confidence in the result to take some to a carry-in picnic. (The arrow points to the blackberry-rhubarb concoction below.)
There were so many good desserts that I could not sample them all. The picture does not show even half of them. Some of the people who tried the easy blackberry-rhubarb crisp even said that they liked it. And no one died (so far). In fact, I was a little disappointed that they ate so much of it: there will be less in the mornings for me.
At least where I live, blackberries mature later than raspberries, so there is a supply of fresh bramble fruit lasting for about a month. I think that is great.

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